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Welcome to Popsicalove
created 2007.05.01 | opened 2007.05.05
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oct23ria's heart beats to AI, Big Bang, BoA, F4, JJ Lin, Khalil Fong, Mika Nakashima, Rain, Se7en, SHINee, Shinhwa, TVXQ, Utada Hikaru, Wang Leehom, Wheesung & Wonder Girls ❤ She can be found on last.fm blasting these and more ❤

e7erlasting's heart beats to 1TYM, Angela Zhang, Arashi, Ayumi Hamasaki, Big Bang, BoA, Elva Hsiao, EXILE, GReeeeN, JJ Lin, Kanjani8, Leehom Wang, NEWS, Namie Amuro, Se7en, SHINee, Shinhwa, SS501, TVXQ, Utada Hikaru & Younha ❤ She can be found on last.fm blasting these and more ❤

✲ The name "Popsicalove" was coined by us, the creators, owners and maintainers of this community. Popsicalove is an asian pop media community and we share predominantly Chinese, Japanese and Korean pop music and videos for download.

✲ Sharing is caring. Up to now 99.99% of posts are public and will continue to remain so until we are no longer able to keep them public. We share what we love and what we hope you will love. At the end of the day, our aim is not to be the fastest, biggest or best... we just want to spread the love and be a place where anyone can come and easily find some media to enjoy. We hope you'll discover new things and continue supporting your favourite artist/s.

✲ We appreciate your support in helping Popsicalove grow and continue growing. Please join, watch and comment where possible. Anonymous or non-LJ members are most welcome to join in too. We love reading what you have to say!

✲ Looking for something? → tags // general requests and suggestions // audio cuts requests // Upload or reupload requests can be made in normal entries however much higher priority will be given to members' requests. To ensure your request is not forgotten, leave a comment in the main request post. We upload and reupload requests when we can but do not guarantee we can help.

✲ Drop us an email anytime with any comments, questions, requests, suggestions... anything! → popsicalove[at]gmail[dot]com

✲ Almost all links are easily accessible to anybody. However we do ask you to be respectful with our rules and wishes, and use your common sense.

✲ All media belongs to the respective artists and companies. The download links belong to us - we ripped, encoded, tagged, sourced, etc. and uploaded the files. Therefore, do not hotlink; do not copy and paste our links ANYWHERE. If you would like to directly hotlink (copy and paste our links anywhere on the Internet), please ask for PERMISSION and we may grant it. Respect the time we put into providing our uploads, and use your common sense - the links are not yours so don't take them if you don't have permission. This is a huge problem for us, and chances are we will find you eventually, as we have with many previously. And when we find you, beware.

✲ Respect us, the community, the artists and all members. Just, be nice.

✲ This community is not a general sharing/posting community. Members cannot post entries, so please don't ask if you can also be a poster because this community will always be just for us two to post in. However if you would like to share something with other members, feel free to send the links to us with your personal comments if any. We'll gladly post it on your behalf with full credits.

street_of_mercy → base code for layout
fruitstyle → base code for profile
minty-peach → LJ user/comm tiny icons