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17 November 2012 @ 03:40 pm
From the queen of theme/tie-in songs! :D I think I cried on the third listen. It's so emotionally raw with a persisting piano accompaniment, and the way the song builds up into the climax is just amazing. While is feels personal, it also just seems like it's about something bigger. It's a beautiful piece in that uniquely Utada Hikaru kind of quality that reaches to you.

[SINGLE] Utada Hikaru - Sakura Nagashi (Nov 17 2012)
01 桜流し (Sakura Nagashi)
02 桜流し (Sakura Nagashi) (Instrumental)
(320kbps) BITSHARE.rar MEDIAFIRE.rar

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02 November 2012 @ 03:20 pm
I enjoyed this album (although as per usual, not the solos). It was consistent and just some no fuss, good Arashi fun! "Welcome to our party!!!" (Plus best cover art ever) The contents is, as always, more than decent - 16 tracks including four singles. :) Fav new songs are Waiting for you and Cosmos - totally dancing to them!

[ALBUM] Arashi - Popcorn (Oct 31 2012)
01 Welcome to our party
02 駆け抜けろ! (Kakenukero!)
03 ワイルド アット ハート (Wild At Heart)
04 Face Down
05 We wanna funk, we need a funk [Matsumoto Jun]
06 two [Ohno Satoshi]
07 Waiting for you
08 楽園 (Rakuen) [Aiba Masaki]
09 旅は続くよ (Tabi wa Tsuzuku yo]
10 それはやっぱり君でした (Sore wa Yappari Kimi deshita) [Ninomiya Kazunari]
11 迷宮ラブソング (Meikyuu Love Song)
12 Your Eyes
13 Fly on Friday [Sakurai Sho]
14 Cosmos
15 証 (Akashi)
16 Up to you
(320kbps) BITSHARE.rar MEDIAFIRE.rar

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02 November 2012 @ 03:01 am
The guilt of neglecting here for like three months started eating away at me recently. I'm still jumping around servers and we'll never be like previous years, but for now I still hope to post here and there for fun. ^^?

The last thing I posted (of Shinhwa, in July! TT), I've had a few requests for the other discs, and although I have no motivation to rip then for now (perfectly re-wrapped and stored away XD), I still plan to when semester is over etc.

[ALBUM] Epik High - 99 (Oct 23 2012)
01 UP (feat. Park Bom of 2NE1)
03 사랑한다면 해선 안될 말 (WRONG) (If You Love, You Should Say It)
04 춥다 (It's Cold) (feat. Lee Hi)
05 아까워 (YOU DON'T DESERVE HER) (Regrettable) (feat. Gaeko of Dynamic Duo)
07 악당 (THE BAD GUY) (Villain)
(320kbps) MEDIAFIRE.rar PUTLOCKER.rar

[ALBUM] Younha - Supersonic (Jul 03 2012)
01 Supersonic
02 People
03 Rock Like Stars (feat. Tiger JK)
04 Run
05 No Limit
06 소나기 (Rain Shower)
07 우린 달라졌을까 (Did We Change) (with John Park)
08 Set me free
09 크림소스 파스타 (Cream Sauce Pasta)
10 기다려줘 (Please Wait)
11 Driver (feat. Park Jaebeom)
12 Hope
(320kbps) MEDIAFIRE.rar PUTLOCKER.rar

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18 July 2012 @ 10:22 pm
Here's the last before Shinhwa release the DVD for this year's concert. =] First of all, I know this is big (I tried to compromise less on quality than the last 2 DVDs) and there are lots of files but it is worth it! Watch this concert in one sitting and you'll need almost 4 hours. It's the never-ending concert no one wanted to leave. ;_; I don't even know where to start with this concert. It is BEAUTIFUL, the track list is AMAZING and everything is PRECIOUS. To pull out key phrases that always come to mind: Mexican mafias, booger and nose hair talk, Ricsyung's #1 shipper, Made in China, TEARS. There are lots of VCRs and great ments - super funny and just "Shinhwa". XD It was really a time to spend with fans and pretty chill (and emotional). There's a lot of reminiscing, Shinhwa and SHCJ trolling each other, scatterbrain talks, and too many emotions. Please keep a tissue next to you~! Again, softsubs are ripped from the DVD and not great (although some English mistakes are probably my fault because I didn't comb through word by word), but certainly better than nothing (please note they provided subs for talks and vids etc, not song lyrics). Enjoy and the infinite precious moments~ <3

This is always the case but NO HOTLINKING - NO TAKING OUT LINKS. PLEASE DON'T DO ANYTHING WITH OUR LINKS. Concert footage ripped only. Please let me know if you want concert making and BTS as I'm happy to rip that too.

[CONCERT DVD] Shinhwa - SHINHWA MUST GO ON 10th Anniversary Live in Seoul (Sep 26 2008) (English Softsubbed)
(DISC 1)
01 VCR 1
02 Throw My Fist
03 Hero
04 Shooting Star
05 Angel
06 중독 (Deep Sorrow)
07 VCR 2
08 T.O.P
09 Only One
10 해결사 (The Solver)
11 First Love
12 기도 (Prayer)
13 Jam #1 + 으샤! 으샤! (Eusha! Eusha!)
14 How Do I say
15 VCR 3
16 늘 내가 원하는 것은 (The Things I Always Want)
17 아직 못다한 이야기 (The Stories We Haven't Told)
(DISC 2)
01 I Pray 4 U
02 Hey, Come On
03 Perfect Man
04 VCR 4
05 Once In A Lifetime
06 Your Man
07 Brand New
08 Oh!
09 Yo
10 I Pray 4 U (Encore)
11 VCR 5
12 SHINHWA 10th Anniversary Special Party
13 VCR 6
(DISC 1 PART A) (853x480) MEDIAFIRE.avi FOLDER (12 PARTS + .srt)
(DISC 1 PART B) (853x480) MEDIAFIRE.avi FOLDER (5 PARTS + .srt)
(DISC 2 PART A) (853x480) MEDIAFIRE.avi FOLDER (9 PARTS + .srt)
(DISC 2 PART B) (853x480) MEDIAFIRE.avi FOLDER (6 PARTS + .srt)
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16 July 2012 @ 11:55 pm
Continuing on from the last entry is Shinhwa's 2006 concert in Seoul Olympic Park Gymnasium Hall (13 & 14 May 2006). This DVD release is much "meatier", with almost 3 hours of footage including ments and videos on this disc. Promoting their 8th album, the track list includes solo stages and a number of songs from that album. This concert is absolutely irreplaceable because it features a srs-business performance of their "Daibab song", one of the many (but most famous) Shinhwa-created song-of-epically-stupid-but-amazing-proportions-because-only-ShinhwaXD. *_* :DDD The vids they played throughout to keep the concert going were amazing~! :D Softsubs are ripped from the DVD and not great (although some English mistakes are probably my fault because I didn't comb through word by word), but certainly better than nothing (please note they provided subs for talks etc, not song lyrics). Enjoy~ <3

This is always the case but NO HOTLINKING - NO TAKING OUT LINKS. PLEASE DON'T DO ANYTHING WITH OUR LINKS. Disc 1 (concert footage) ripped only. Please let me know if you want disc 2 as I'm happy to rip that too.

[CONCERT DVD] Shinhwa - 2006 Tour STATE OF THE ART in Seoul (Nov 21 2006) (English Softsubbed)
01 Hey, Come On
02 Shooting Star
03 Perfect Man
04 기회 (Chance)
05 Angel
06 Midnight Girl
07 Livin' La Vida Loca
08 Bomb Track
09 그대에게 (To You)
10 Tonite's Tha Night
11 Jump
12 Highway Star
13 다이밥송 (Daibab Song)
14 You're My Everything
15 I Pray 4 U
16 M Intro
17 Overdoze
18 Battle
19 King of Dance
20 꽃피는 봄이오면 (When Spring Comes)
21 왜 내가.. (Why Me..)
22 僕らの心には太陽がある (Bokura no Kokoro ni wa Taiyou ga Aru)
23 약한남자 (Weak Man)
24 Once In A Lifetime
25 Only One
26 Brand New
27 Oh! + Yo!
(720x540) MEDIAFIRE.avi FOLDER (12 PARTS + .srt)
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14 July 2012 @ 05:07 pm
I love that this concert is held in an open stadium, Jamsil Olympic Stadium (5 June 2005), because the feeling is always different and it certainly takes a lot more work by the performing artists to create a good concert atmosphere. The "concert disc" and track listing of 28 is slightly deceptive because probably a quarter of the duration is ments, videos etc. XD (Please keep in mind there are no english subs included for this DVD) Also a third of the way in, Minwoo injured himself (shown in the BTS) and was absent for the rest of the concert (thus he gets a solo screencap because he was missed *sniff* but it was kinda awesome seeing Hyesung take on the role of concert-mood-maker ^^). The opening segment of this concert is freaking amazing. Electric. But I wish there were more Shinhwa tracks included.

This is always the case but NO HOTLINKING - NO TAKING OUT LINKS. PLEASE DON'T DO ANYTHING WITH OUR LINKS. Disc 1 (concert footage) ripped only. Please let me know if you want disc 2 (A-Z Supplement) as I'm happy to rip that too.

[CONCERT DVD] Shinhwa - Tropical Summer Story Festival 2005 (May 17 2006)
01 Opening
02 OH!
03 Hero
04 Hey, Come on
05 공연취지와 컨셉 (Concert aim and concept)
06 I Pray 4 U
07 Coming Up Next
08 너를 보내고 (I Let You Go)
09 슬롯 머신 (Slot Machine)
10 힙합 댄스 (Hip Hop Dance)
11 작년 공연에 대한… (About last year's concert...)
12 Coming Soon 2nd Album
13 댄스 (Dance)
14 If You…
15 Most Wanted
16 신화 결정적 순간 (Shinhwa's crucial moments)
17 First Love
18 그동안 신화에게 일어난 많은 일들… (Lots of things happened to Shinhwa at that time...)
19 전진 활동모습 (Junjin in action)
20 체념 (Resignation)
21 혜성 쇼케이스 + 엠카운트 1위 (Hyesung showcase & Mcountdown 1st place)
22 같은 생각 (Same Thoughts)
23 Love Letter from 신화 (Love Letter from Shinhwa)
24 Brand New
25 클로징 멘트 (Closing Ment)
26 Jam
27 앵콜 유도 영상 (Pre-encore video)
28 Perfect Man
(720x540) MEDIAFIRE.avi FOLDER (7 PARTS)
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13 July 2012 @ 07:03 pm
This album was LONG OVERDUE by like a year or two. SEVEN singles are in this album, making a total of ELEVEN previously released tracks. The remaining four tracks include an intro (which is so ridiculously ridiculous, I can't believe it XD), their own version of weeeek previously written for and sung by NEWS, and only two full new tracks. As other fans have expressed, it doesn't feel like a studio album because it's like we've heard everything already. :( Nonetheless, the music is still good and the two new tracks are of course, amazing. *_* <3 The epic title (even after attempting an English translation, I don't even understand the English translation T_T Everything about the title still gives me headaches) is just epic. In fact, the CD art and writings are super hilarious. And this album is released in like six versions including one version with THREE copies so you give them to your friends. Srs. Yeup. I've decided that this album is amazing simply because it is a troll album. <3 If you've already got all the singles and just want new material, let me know if you want any individual tracks. :)

[ALBUM] GReeeeN - 歌うたいが歌うたいに来て 歌うたえと言うが 歌うたいが歌うたうだけ歌い切れば 歌うたうけれども 歌うたいだけ 歌うたい切れないから 歌うたわぬ!? (Uta Utai ga Uta Utai ni Kite Uta Utae to Iu ga Uta Utai ga Utau dake Utai kireba Uta Utau keredomo Uta Utai dake Uta Utai kirenai kara Uta Utawanu!?) (27 Jun 2012)
01 歌うたわぬ!? 〜言えるかな〜 (Uta Utawanu!? ~Ieru kana~)
02 weeeek
03 ソラシド (Sorashido)
04 恋文〜ラブレター〜 (Koibumi ~Love Letter~)
05 Green boys
06 花唄 (Hana Uta)
07 オレンジ (Orange)
08 pride
09 緑のたけだ (Midori no Takeda)
10 GOOD LUCKY!!!!!
11 ミセナイナミダハ、きっといつか (Misenai Namida wa, Kitto Itsuka)
12 every
13 ワイはワイワイでいいワイ〜おまえワィ?〜 (Wai wa Wai Wai de Ii Wai ~Omae wai~)
14 OH!!!! 迷惑!!!! (OH!!!! Meiwaku!!!!)
15 友達の唄 (Tomodachi no Uta)
(320kbps) MEDIAFIRE.rar PUTLOCKER.rar

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07 July 2012 @ 09:24 pm
HELLO! HAPPY 10TH SE7EN DAY! <3 This was Se7en's first and so far only Korean full-concert DVD. Staged on 7th April 2007 (hence the name, 747) at Seoul Olympic Park Stadium, this will always be Se7en's shining moment for me. He was always a good performer, but the other day I was rewatching older performances and... I don't know that he was ever better as a performer than here because his improvements since debut and even 2004 2nd album promotions were massive. I've always said that even the songs I don't like, he can make me change my mind once I see him performing them live. His songs have ALWAYS sounded better when he performs them. This is an amazing concert with a great track list (if only they'd included Crazy, not just the intro dance, and the super late encore they did for his Japan concert a few months later *flail*). Running for almost 2 hours (would have been a lot longer because the footage obviously has parts cut out), Se7en shows everyone he is a powerhouse soloist on the stage. Freaking brilliant man - made to perform. Favourite moments were during Come Back To Me + part 2 medley (♥♥♥♥♥♥♥). I always cry there ^_^~ And I love when he does the rap (by other artists) in his songs. :D There are just too many awesome moments in this concert. Squee. Enjoy~ *waves glowstick*

This is always the case but NO HOTLINKING - NO TAKING OUT LINKS.

[CONCERT DVD] Se7en - 747 (Jun 30 2007)
01 라라라 (La La La)
02 Can You Feel Me
03 Girl Friend
04 너이길 바래 (I Hope It's You) + 욕심 (Greed) + 그 남자처럼 (Just Like That Man) + 닮은 사랑 (Similar Love)
05 One Last Cry
06 Wishy Washy
07 Again
08 光 (Hikari)
09 Style
10 잘할게 (I'll Do Well)
11 와줘 (Come Back To Me) + 와줘 Part 2 (Come Back To Me Part 2)
12 한번 단 한번 (One More Time) + Love Story + Oh-No + 2 Nite
13 I Just Wanna A Be
14 여행을 떠나요 (Go On A Trip)
15 독백 (Monologue)
16 The One
17 Crazy + I Wanna
18 Oh Ma Girl
19 난 알아요 (Nan Arayo)
20 열정 (Passion)
21 밤새도록 (All Night)
22 라라라 (La La La) Remix
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28 June 2012 @ 01:52 pm
In "honour" of GReeeeN's 4th studio album released yesterday (which will get uploaded once I get my copy ^^), here are the last three singles I missed posting.

[SINGLE] GReeeeN - Misenai Namida wa, Kitto Itsuka (Feb 29 2012)
01 ミセナイナミダハ、きっといつか (Misenai Namida wa, Kitto Itsuka)
02 春を待ちわびて (Haru wo Machiwabite)
(320kbps) MEDIAFIRE.rar

[SINGLE] GReeeeN - Orange (Apr 25 2012)
01 オレンジ (Orange)
02 ワイはワイワイでいいワイ〜おまえワィ?〜 (Wai wa Wai Wai de Ii Wai ~Omae Wai~)
(320kbps) MEDIAFIRE.rar

[SINGLE] GReeeeN - OH!!!! Meiwaku!!!! (May 30 2012)
01 OH!!!! 迷惑!!!! (OH!!!! Meiwaku!!!!)
02 一番星 (Ichiban Hoshi)
(320kbps) MEDIAFIRE.rar

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12 May 2012 @ 07:45 pm
Here's Se7en latest Japanese release. Boku ga Utaenakutemo is the Japanese version to Even If I Can't Sing from the last mini album.

[SINGLE] Se7en - LOVE AGAIN (Apr 25 2012)
02 僕が歌えなくても (Boku ga Utaenakutemo)
03 LOVE AGAIN -Instrumental-
04 僕が歌えなくても (Boku ga Utaenakutemo) -Instrumental-
(320kbps) MEDIAFIRE.rar RAPIDSHARE.rar

(720x480) MEDIAFIRE.avi RAPIDSHARE.avi

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13 April 2012 @ 11:52 pm
Welcome back, Shinhwa. I dreaded having to write this post because I know things become a mess of rambles and rants when it comes to anything I care about. Having had 2.5 days to fully digest this album, I'm determined to finish this post today. On the whole, I think Shinhwa picked songs with great potential (for them) and they worked very hard to inject Shinhwa's personality into each track. They truly know each others vocals so well that I'm not surprised how good the execution is. Unfortunately I then went through the credits trying to figure out who exactly to blame for the vocal editing/engineering/mastering/whatever. Because there were moments when I wanted to strangle someone (WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ___'S VOICE?!?!?!), and I don't care if the members are the ones responsible, because why you would edit and filter and mess with the vocals to that extent is beyond me. I also firmly believe that MORE is not BETTER. The songs that didn't work for me... I just imagine removing several layers of "noise and mess". So I my main issue was inconsistency. There were many moments of pure brilliance and great music, and some moments of absolute mess, when they lost the direction in trying to retain the musical essence of Shinhwa and using current Kpop sounds. I'm not saying there has to be an inevitable clash or this combination can't work, but it didn't always work in some songs. More or less what I had anticipated, I could feel confusion and I don't blame (nor excuse) them when Kpop is so limited and narrow. You can't just bury a song and vocals in electro-mess and expect it to make the cut. Ria is reminding me to be nice in this post, because the more I love them, the harsher I am. If I'm a fan, I already know full well their potential and I tend to tear their music to shreds because "being a fan" doesn't equate to "love by default". I might get misunderstood, so I'd better be nice as Ria warned me, because I still scored this album well. As I mentioned, there were many moments of brilliance and in those moments of perfection, everything else seems irrelevant. This album is far from boring, and anyone who has heard Shinhwa before can easily feel how much personality Shinhwa has put into each track. When things fall into place, the vocals are amazing, the rap perfect and the instrumental awesome. I'm incredibly proud of how much heart and soul is in this album and there are few artists I respect as much as I do Shinhwa. I'm incredibly grateful for this album and these are all just my honest opinions. =] Both MVs are GOMTV HD versions. Thanks so much to Ria for going through friends in Korea and bending over backwards to get the dance version for me. *cries*

[ALBUM] Shinhwa - The Return (Mar 23 2012)
01 On The Road
02 Hurts
03 Venus
04 Red Carpet
05 Move With Me
06 Let It Go
07 Stay
08 Welcome
09 Be my Love
10 Re-love
11 Breathin'

[MV] Shinhwa - Venus *GOMTV HD*
(1920x1080) JUMBOFILES.avi RAPIDSHARE.avi

[MV] Shinhwa - Venus (Dance Version) *GOMTV HD*
(1920x1080) JUMBOFILES.avi SENDSPACE.avi

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31 March 2012 @ 10:27 pm
I'm guessing not everyone read this post, but we're on semi-hiatus while we come to a decision about Popsicalove's future. Please don't request for reuploads because pretty much EVERYTHING is dead, so there is no way we can and will start reuploading anything.

I did say that I would just keep ripping and posting CDs that I've yet to. So I've snuck in just before March ends. :P I discovered Yiruma last year and started collecting his albums. So far I'm posting his first three piano solo studio albums. Best known for River Flows In You, Kiss The Rain, and May Be (also my favs!), Yiruma is a Korean pianist and composer. But I definitely consider his musical roots to be in England/Europe. What amazed me when I first heard his music was how expressive and honest it was. I knew I was a goner because I cried like a baby when I first heard Kiss The Rain. To me, his music is incredibly calming and scenic... you can literally see the scenery painted in front of you. All these tracks are solo piano tracks unless specified, but while an orchestral piece is incredibly beautiful, I wish they weren't included, because his piano solos are incredibly raw and moving, and well... I have an incredible piano bias. It's hard to classify, but I would say his music is contemporary and "popular". BTW "First Love" is the second studio album and released in 2001, but the repackaged version was released four years later, thus it looks out of chronology here...

[ALBUM] Yiruma - Love Scene (May 30 2001)
01 Overture
02 Autumn Scene
03 남(男) & 여(女) (Un Homme Et Une Femme)
04 Memories In My Eyes
05 Picture Me
06 Sunny Rain
07 Gabriel
08 Tears On Love
09 Looking Back
10 Nothing To say (Just Wanna Say)
11 Eversince
12 Wait There
13 Remember The Scene
(320kbps) JUMBOFILES.rar SENDSPACE.rar

[ALBUM] Yiruma - First Love (Repackage) (May 20 2005)
01 I
02 May Be
03 Love Me
04 River Flows In You
05 Passing By
06 It's Your Day
07 When The Love Falls
08 Left My Hearts
09 Time Forgets...
10 On The Way
11 Till I Find You
12 If I Could See You Again
13 Dream A Little Dream Of Me
14 I...
15 Farewell
16 Kiss The Rain (String Ver.)
17 When The Love Falls (String Ver.)
18 I (String Ver.)
(320kbps) JUMBOFILES.rar SENDSPACE.rar

[ALBUM] Yiruma - From The Yellow Room (Oct 23 2003)
01 The Scenery Begins
02 Chaconne
03 Yellow Room
04 Indigo
05 Kiss The Rain
06 The Day After
07 Sometimes... Someone
08 Falling
09 The Moment
10 27. May
11 With the Wind
12 Indigo 2 (with Guitar)
13 Chaconne 2 (with Guitar)
14 ...
(320kbps) JUMBOFILES.rar SENDSPACE.rar

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04 March 2012 @ 09:18 pm

[MV] Eddie - Good Scent
(320x240) MEDIAFIRE.mp4

[MV] Eddie - Letting Go of Love
(320x240) MEDIAFIRE.wmv

[MV] GC Hammer feat. Eddie - Club Arirang
(320x240) MEDIAFIRE.wmv

[MV] Lee Hyo Ri and Eric - Anymotion
(632x472) MEDIAFIRE.avi

[MV] Lee Hyo Ri and Eric - Anyclub Part 1
(640x480) MEDIAFIRE.mpg

[MV] Lee Hyo Ri and Eric - Anyclub Part 2
(640x480) MEDIAFIRE.mpg
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03 March 2012 @ 03:22 pm
I uploaded these videos before finally deleting them off my laptop. :)

[MV] Anyband - TPL & Promise
(641x336) MEDIAFIRE.mkv

[MV] Jang Ri In - Timeless Part 1
(640x480) MEDIAFIRE.wmv

[MV] Jang Ri In - Timeless Part 2
(720x480) MEDIAFIRE.wmv

[MV] AJOO - Wealthy 2nd Genereation
(640x480) MEDIAFIRE.wmv
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12 February 2012 @ 07:51 pm
This is a massive Se7en post. ;) Here are Se7en's latest releases - his Japanese mini album (BETTER TOGETHER and I'M GOING CRAZY are Japanese versions), his Korean mini album (Somebody Else, Angel and Understand are Korean versions). I've ripped the DVD in only one of the Japanese mini album editions, because the other edition's DVD is just a music video and making. The included DVD is approximately 21mins, showing bits and pieces (including many partial performances) during his fan-meet in Japan near the end of last year and some backstage stuff. (Hehe, so cute, they had 7 candles on his cake :D) Plus there's the music videos. Did I mention this was a massive Se7en post?

[MINI ALBUM] Se7en - 2ND MINI ALBUM (Feb 01 2012)
01 Somebody Else
02 Angel
03 내가 노래를 못해도 (Even If I Can't Sing)
04 그런 사람 (That Man)
05 이해해 (Understand)
06 Make Good Love
(320kbps) MEDIAFIRE.rar

[MV] Se7en - Even If I Can't Sing
(1920x1080) MEDIAFIRE.avi

[MV] Se7en - Somebody Else (Korean Version)
(1280x720) MEDIAFIRE.avi

[MINI ALBUM] Se7en - SOMEBODY ELSE (Jan 18 2012)
03 UNDERSTAND 〜今さら〜 (Ima sara)
(320kbps) MEDIAFIRE.rar

[DVD] Se7en - Hello SE7EN in Japan HIGHLIGHT [SOMEBODY ELSE] (Jan 18 2012)
(720x480) MEDIAFIRE.avi 01+02+03+04
Download all .rar parts then extract part01 to join full video

(1920x1080) MEDIAFIRE.avi

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04 February 2012 @ 12:34 pm
JJ Lin's 9th studio and first with his new label. His last three albums have all been released yearly in December. :P There is a vibe to the songs (I can't put a finger on it) that I've not heard from his songs before and the album favours ballads, but I still don't get knocked down like his older works. My fav tracks are Gu Shi Xi Ni and Mo Sheng Lao Peng You. The English bracket is what's listed on the track list, but not a translation of the Chinese title (romanisation in the final bracket) - why do they make it so hard. =_=

[ALBUM] JJ Lin - Lost N Found (學不會; Xue Bu Hui) (Dec 31 2011)
01 獨奏 (Prologue) (Du Zuo)
02 學不會 (Never Learn) (Xue Bu Hui)
03 故事細膩 (Romantic Mystery) (Gu Shi Xi Ni)
04 那些你很冒險的夢 (Those Were The Days) (Na Xie Ni Hen Mao Xian De Meng)
05 白羊夢 (Aries) (Bai Yang Meng)
06 靈魂的共鳴 (Variation 25: Clash Of The Souls) (Ling Hun De Gong Ming)
07 We Together
08 Cinderella
09 白蘭花 (Streets Of Old Shanghai) (Bai Lan Hua)
10 陌生老朋友 (Dear Friend) (Mo Sheng Lao Peng You)
11 不存在的情人 (Non-Existent) (Bu Cun Zai De Qing Ren)
12 Love U U
(320kbps) MEDIAFIRE.rar

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03 February 2012 @ 09:31 pm
In light of recent events, we've lost probably 99% of Popsicalove's links, with Megaupload going down (T__T) and Fileserve deleting my account. We will be taking a semi-hiatus for the coming while until the storm has mostly blown over. I'll only post some of my recent purchases or stuff still to be ripped. The thousands of links that are lost... it's a pain that will take some time to overcome. We're not sure about the future of Popsicalove anymore. Megaupload was like a rock and with the possibility of finding a reliable server not looking good, we're just not sure how we can progress. Plus all the backtracking of years of entries if we were to reupload... :( For now, we haven't discussed Popsicalove's future in depth as we're still feeling wounded and lost. But whatever happens, we'll let you, our dearest members, know.

For the time being, PLEASE, do not ask for reuploads. We KNOW everything is dead. There is no way we can reupload everything and we won't be reuploading anything for now anyway, so please be patient and wait until we've decided where Popsicalove is going after this trauma.

If you have any suggestions or thoughts, please feel free to share.

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02 February 2012 @ 08:01 pm
An emergency called me overseas (since Christmas day) where I was for over a month. Although I completely missed my annual posting day (Jan 02), I still pulled out some fighting spirit to get this done. XD During January, I drafted this list on a tour bus, composed this post in three hotels, two airports and on one flight - therefore this post has a unique history (I had to upload most of the songs back home though, which is why it's only going on in February). :P As fate would have it, the only flights we were able to get were via Philippines so I ended up visiting Ria for two days on the way back home at the end of January! <333 I hope you enjoy some of my rambling and personal picks for my 2011! As always, my ranking begins from December of 2010 to the end of November of 2011~

Stacey's Top 15 Songs of 2011

01 JJ Lin - 愛笑的眼睛 (Ai Xiao De Yan Jing) ♬ Congrats to this creation from JJ Lin! It held top spot for me from the beginning of the year. It was basically all I looped during January on my trip with Ria, and knew it would be hard to surpass in 2011. Originally written for and performed by Vivian Hsu, this song highlights JJ Lin's talent at writing amazingly memorable melodies. As beautiful as the original by Vivian Hsu was, this revamped version managed to feel richer and even more poignant. The melody, new arrangement and JJ Lin's voice here always makes me very emotional. This gem deserves the crown. <3
02 GReeeeN - PRAY ♬ I hem-ed and har-ed whether this belonged in the ranking as it is a vocal-less instrumental piece. However this piece is special enough to me that I think it deserves the silver medal. This song is so pure and beautiful I think it will never fail to bring a tear to my eye and make me feel inspired. Delicate percussion carrying a piano melody in the foreground with subtle strings in the background is a simplicity that is always my cup of tea. This is a little piece of perfection that gives you a moment to relax, breathe, and smile.
03 Akanishi Jin - Eternal ♬ The arrangement and vocals of the original live versions were a few leaps better in my books, but I cannot deny that this song is stunningly beautiful. The ambiance that the melody and instrumentals create brings the lyrics to life. It's the kind of song that makes me so emotional and will always have a huge impact on me. So, so, so, beautiful. I can honestly say that 2011's top three all make me cry. ;_;
04 Juju - さよならの代わりに (Sayonara no Kawari ni) ♬ Everytime the instrumental kicks into full gear, I always fall back into love with this song. Everything about the arrangement is subtle and delicately arranged to accompany the melody. A truly loopworthy piece for any and every day. <3
05 2PM - Hot ♬ Although I prefer the original Junsu solo version as a song, from the get go I adored this song. Perhaps it's borderline-ing too much "electro-fuzz" (termed by my friend), but I think most of the fun of this song is how crazy the arrangement gets. Making this song in the studio looked like the most awesome time ever, and the party of bass, "electro-fuzz", autotune, synth and all things good (XD) in this song will never grow old on me. The best song to jam to, there is only one way to describe this song, and that's it's title.
06 Tablo - 고마운 숨 (Thankful Breath feat. Yankee, Bong Tae Kyu) ♬ I'm not the biggest fan of guitar to be honest, but the acoustics here do so much: from working together with the percussion, to acting as a catchy instrumental itself, to adding energy and depth. Although the rap and vocals are pretty awesome (I simply adore the simultaneous and complementing rapping and singing <3), the vibe the acoustics create here are fresh and unexpectedly so catchy.
07 Miura Daichi - Lullaby ♬ I didn't even check out this song when it was released as a single until I paid attention to the album it was recently included on, because I thought it would just be a typical R&B mid-tempo ballad. I guess in most aspects, it is. But this seemingly unremarkable and "typical" song just has that spark that I latch onto and then I cannot get over the song. That happens to me a lot. :P To be fair, Daichi's voice really brings the instrumental together, making it a really smooth and gorgeous "typical" R&B mid-tempo ballad. <3
08 GReeeeN - every ♬ I feel that GReeeeN's music is already so unique and in a league of its own that it's hard to be surprised by any of their new releases. At the same time, their genre works so well that even "typical GReeeeN" ends up being a high standard and generally very memorable for me. :P I unsurprisingly love the melody for this song and the arrangement is just spot on. The further in this song gets, the more I seem to love it... (which I find happens a lot with GReeeeN's music)!
09 lecca - First Sight feat. Miura Daichi ♬ This piece is one of the more unique songs I've listened to in a long time. The notes creating their own melody in the instrumental, repeating from beginning to end, accompanied by the piano and a simple bass beat is surprisingly a perfect match to lecca's vocals. The unexpected way in which the melody and repeating phrase in the instrumental complement each other creates a syncopated and catchy feeling. It might be slightly irrelevant that I love Daichi's part. :P
10 Miura Daichi - Only You ♬ What made this song different and memorable was the echo of the drums used in the percussion. The instrumental is simpler and cleaner than most his songs, which allows for the lovely R&B melody to shine through. His voice is gorgeous~ <3
11 GReeeeN - Green boys ♬ This song's impact for me is from the message and strength it tries to get across to everyone devastated during March 11. I love that when I listen to this, even if it's completely irrelevant to me, it makes me feel inspired to move forwards and believe.
12 GReeeeN - 恋文 ~ラブレター~ (Koibumi ~Love Letter~) ♬ Again in typical GReeeeN fashion, the verses are mellow and then all of a sudden the instrumental just explodes into the chorus. As always, a great melody and fabulous arrangement, especially in the last 1:15, which always kind of make my heart dance. :) (I swear, GReeeeN songs always get better and better the further in you listen :D)
13 Tablo - Tomorrow (feat. Taeyang) ♬ I'm almost embarrassed because the instrumental is so obviously "me" you could spot it a mile away. ^^;; I'm a sucker for simple instrumentals featuring a great piano melody. At the same time that I adore the instrumental, Tablo's rap without doubt makes this song. FTW!
14 Miura Daichi - RUN WAY ♬ OMG THIS SONG!!! I WANT TO DANCE AND JUMP UP AND DOWN! I may have weird taste, but this is my kind of happy, boppy music. SO DAMN CATCHY. <3 :D
15 JJ Lin - 完美新世界 (Wan Mei Xin Shi Jie) ♬ Reminiscent of a number of other JJ Lin ballads, this style of his always works for me. It's straightforward and (simply put), really lovely. ^^;;

BEST ALBUM: Juju - You & JJ Lin - She Says

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Once again, I'm really sorry this was so late. So what were YOUR fav jams of 2011?

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16 January 2012 @ 11:39 pm
Oh Yeah PV is also available. :)

[SINGLE] GD&TOP - Oh Yeah (Jan 07 2012)
01 Oh Yeah feat. Park Bom
02 High High
03 Oh Yeah feat. Park Bom (Instrumental)
04 High High (Instrumental)
(320kbps) FILESERVE.rar MEGAUPLOAD.rar
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15 January 2012 @ 01:20 pm
The inclusion of School Gyrlz in this single and music video has cancelled out any good this exposure could have brought for Wonder Girls. What a joke.

[SINGLE] Wonder Girls - The DJ Is Mine (Jan 12 2012)
01 The DJ Is Mine
02 The DJ Is Mine feat. School Gyrlz
03 The DJ Is Mine (Instrumental)
(320kbps) FILESERVE.rar MEGAUPLOAD.rar

[MV] Wonder Girls - The DJ Is Mine feat. School Gyrlz
(640x480) FILESERVE.wmv MEGAUPLOAD.wmv
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